Intel Teach ICT Training, 17-22 Sept 2007, Pankajene, South Sulawesi


Day 1 (September 17, 2007): Opening & starting training
The opening held at SDN 14 Bonto-Bonto, Pangkajene in PSBG classroom.
The opening was attended by the Educational Resources
Specialist/District Learning Coordinator, (Bapak Abdoellah Djabir)
from the provincial office, the MTTs from South Sulawesi, Mr David
Ehrmann DBE2 PC South Sulawesi, Ms Siti Aisyah Principal SDN 14 Bonto-
Bonto, Ms Yuliana Chow from Intel Education, Mr. Basor Suhada from
P4TK IPA Bandung, Mr Thomas Chesney DCOP DBE2, Bapak Ilham Aburaera
Educational Official Pangkajene, and me from the Jakarta office.
The purpose of the Intel Teach Training was to improve the teaching &
learning method. The training was emphases on the 21st century skills
learning which emphases on Self Direct Learning, High Order Thinking
(HOT), and Student Learning centre and use the ICT as a tool to
improve the teaching matter.

Although the MTTs were ready for the training, some of them were
haven’t experienced using ICT tools, however some of them have
expressed their concerns with the fact that there was no TOT given to
them prior to the training and that they had just seen the starter
kits that day. They did not feel confident in having to give training
to the participants when they themselves were not familiar with the
tools. They told the MTTs that there was time constraint in doing the
TOT but assured them that the MTTs would perform very well despite
the limitations.
The Intel Teach Modules delivered on the first day were:
• Improve 21st Century learning skills
• ICT Base
• Improve critical thinking & Collaboration.

Day 2 (September 19, 2007): CRC Training
The Intel Teach Modules delivered on the second day were:
• Word Processing Application (Ms Word)
• Using Word Processing Application
• Multimedia Application (Ms Power Point)
• Using Multimedia Application
Day 3 (September 20, 2007): CRC Training
The Intel Teach Modules delivered on the third day were:
• Spreadsheet Application (Ms Excel)
• Using Spreadsheet Application
• Improve approaching 21st Century
Day 4 (September 21, 2007): CRC Training
The Intel Teach Modules delivered on the fourth day were:
• Planning & Implementation of work plan
• Review & discuss work plan
• Summary of the Intel Teach Training
After each training module, discussions was held, detailing the
inputs and outcome of the training were discuss and reach.
The work plan also held on this day and led by MTTs (Pak Nasaruddin
from PSBG 2 & Ibu Rukmini from PSBG 1)
Day 5 (September 20, 2007): Principal Intel Teach Training
The Intel Teach also delivered to the Principals through Awareness
session, Discussions, Collaborations. The material was to develop the
knowledge in 21st Century Skill. These sessions also use the ICT as a
tool to develop the school abilities.
The positive responses were given by Principals regarding this

The Training Result
• The participants (MTTs) understood the concept of 21st
Century Teaching & Learning and its approaches and have better ideas
on how they wanted to improve those learning methods.
• The participants understood that materials and/or learning
resources are available in the starter kits to support the teaching
and learning activities.
• The participants learned to use the ICT and will take the
initiative in use to develop their teaching & learning materials
Overall, all parties concerned benefited from the training.  The
South Sulawesi MTTs were very creative, supportive and they also had
a lot of confidence in giving the training and making sure that the
participants took parts in the activities.  With the support from the
school headmaster, Jakarta office and Provincial office technical
teams and supporting staff, and the positive response from the
participants (teachers/principals), the training was considered to be
a success.

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